Clean air. Clean seas.

Daphne Technology is a maritime technology organisation that challenge conventional thinking by developing innovative solutions to solve environmental challenges.

We continuously aim to develop breakthrough solutions that contribute to reducing the detrimental impact on human health, the environment and the global economy.

State-of-the-art technology

We help the maritime industry to move forward by offering cost-effective and state-of-the-art technology to reduce pollutants, compliant with — and ahead of — international and national regulations.

With a technology-first approach, our innovation delivers the most economically viable and effective route to meeting the Paris Agreement and IMO’s environmental and climate change ambitions.

Sustainable economic growth for the marine industry in a decarbonising world



Multipollutant reduction • Stranded asset avoidance • Future-proof technology • Plug-and-Play system • Full solution provider • Attractive ROI

Spin-off from EPFL

Daphne Technology was launched as a spin-off from The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne in 2017. The company maintains strong ties with the university and continues to leverage its research, contacts and network of partners.

Our company is sponsored by Aramco — the largest energy provider in the world.

Our Headquarters and Research & Development department are based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our Operations department is in Gothenburg, Sweden, while our Sales & Marketing division is based in Oslo, Norway.

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