A next generation technology for exhaust gas purification


In response to the air pollution generated by the global maritime industry, and in accordance with the tightening emission regulations lead by International Maritime Organisation (Annex VI entering into force by January 2020, known as IMO 2020), Daphne Technology has developed SulPure®.

With the maritime emissions increasing and regulations tightening, Daphne has also developed a solution for methane slips coming from LNG engine – SlipPure™.

product image
product image

Daphne Technology's products are all-in-one, plug-and-play solutions for the shipping industry that simultaneously remove multiples pollutants from marine engine exhaust gas.

We have developed a purification process to convert unwanted pollutants in exhaust gas into non-hazardous and useful products.
The secret behind this conversion process is our award-winning and patented converter, which is composed of an electron chamber and powered by our advanced electronics. We take innovations from state-of-the-art electronics to transfer electrical energy into chemical energy that drives the pollutant conversion.


 is a non-catalytic exhaust gas purification system developed to limit methane slip from LNG engines. It is removing simultaneously 90% of CH4 and NOx.

Tier I offering guarantees SOx removal from all ship types in line with 2020 0.5% IMO regulation by 99% Sox and 99% PM removal transforms. NOx and SOx pollutants into valuable fertilizer.

NOx and SOx ensures pollutant removal from Tier II and III vessels as required by regulations. 85% NOx removal.



Our core technology

Our solutions are regulatory agnostic with the ability to simultaneously tackle multiple air pollutants: SOx, NOx, CH4. This produces considerable savings in operating costs and contributes directly and indirectly to the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.


Simple to install
Simple to install
Cost effective
No waste water
No discharge to sea
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