Coronavirus : Build masks with our design

Download our design to protect you from the Covid-19

Volvo uses Daphne designs to help fight the virus.

Daphne Technology mission is to reduce Air Pollutants primary from ships. In a sign of solidarity we now hope to reduce Air Pollutants and protect all health care workers from aerosols containing the virus.

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product image
product image
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Due to Coronavirus, we started the production of health care products Visors and Hand Sanitizer.

Our aim is simplicity and low cost. In the case of the visors, you may buy the materials at your local hardware shop for 2 EUR.
VOLVO Trucks in Sweden used our design and started production, with a team of 10 people producing about 300 Visors in one hour! View video here

Download the mask plan here or the 3D printing version here
Materials to be ordered from Plastic, Foam and Rope suppliers
Assemble your mask, view video here or contact us
The Volvo mounting video is available here