Marine Log – Rethinking the conventional wisdom on scrubbers

With the new environmental regulation for the shipping industry,  MARPOL Annex VI revisions, and IMO’s climate change strategy, shipowners cannot rely on outdated legacy solutions, such as wet water scrubbers. Therefore, there is an urge to re-think the exhaust gas cleaning systems’ capacity. At Daphne Technology, we work within the existing frameworks and provide the industry with solutions that tackle the range of pollutants shipping needs to eradicate now, and those we anticipate will come over time.

At Daphne, we have the solution.  Our innovation, SulPure®, is a SOx and NOx removal from ships system, with no water or wastewater discharge. Furthermore, we continue working on the development of new exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS). This includes tackling the challenge posed by methane slip (CH4) from LNG-powered vessels, which we have successfully demonstrated in our R&D facility.

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