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A significant risk factor facing today’s shipowners and operators is the rapid pace of environmental regulatory change in shipping. Daphne Technology’s universal green converter is an exhaust gas purification system for your vessels, reducing both air- and sea pollution for all types of fuels — today and in the future.

With a technology-first approach, our innovation delivers an economically viable and effective route to meet, end even exceed, the Paris Agreement and IMO’s environmental and climate change ambitions.

Dr. Mario Michan
Founder & CEO

The optimal solution for heavy fuel oil, distillates, LNG and future fuels

This is the optimal solution for vessels operating on LNG fuel as well as traditional heavy fuels and distillates. Our multi-pollutant reduction technology is much more effective in reducing both air- and sea pollution in comparison to other available single-pollutant technologies in the market. It will also be the best solution for a non-fossil multifuel future with other future fuels, such as ammonia and hydrogen.

Daphne Technology’s universal green converter is easy, fast and inexpensive to install. It is temperature independent and scalable, proportioned to the size of the vessel’s engine. We can retrofit the converter onto your existing vessels or implement it into the ship design for newbuilds.

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Ship propulsion power: A look into the future

Source: DNV

Reducing NOx, SOx, methane (CH4) and ammonia (N2O, NH3) slip

Our green converter reduces emissions such as NOx, SOx, methane (CH4) and ammonia (N2O, NH3) slip. One of our solutions is a non-catalytic exhaust gas purification system developed to limit methane slip from LNG fuel engines, in tandem with reducing other emissions such as NOx, SOx, and PM (Black Carbon). Our solution reduces over 90% of methane slip from LNG powered engines, providing a life extension to LNG as a marine fuel, and a clear pathway to carbon neutral shipping industry.

Creating a valuable fertiliser and at the same time reducing SOx and NOx

For vessels operating on heavy fuel, our solution reduces SOx and NOx. This solution can be delivered removing SOx only, or both SOx and NOx, transforming pollutants into a non-hazardous, valuable fertiliser. The technology is offered as an all-in-one ready to install turnkey solution for the maritime industry.

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