Daphne virtually participates in Venture Leaders China 2020

Our CEO Dr. Juan Mario Michan represented Daphne Technology at Venture Leaders China 2020, a development program structured to help Swiss start-ups meet their global expansion goals.  


Mario presented Daphne Technology’s current solution SulPure®, and its role in helping ship owners and operators to meet current and future environmental regulations. He explained how SulPure technology removes both SOand NOsimultaneously, transforming waste products into a new up-cycled fertiliser without discharge of washwater. 


Mario also discussed our in-development solution, SlipPure®,  which has been created especially for the LNG segment. SlipPure® takes into account the growth of the LNG fuel market within the shipping industry and aims to reduce indirect SOx and NOx, as well as direct CH(methane) slip, a major contributor towards global warming.  


With a goal of solving environmental challenges while enabling regulatory compliance, Daphne Technology continues to look at industry challenges and develop innovative solutions. Together with our team of industry experts and the backing of one of the largest energy providers in the world, we plan to revolutionise the marine transport industry. 


Daphne Technology has been named among the Top 100 Swiss Startups 2020.